Declaration …Alto Arizona !!!! By Floresiste.

Flor Crisostomo Declaration Arizona, May 29, 2010.

From somewhere in the USA, I respectfully greet the Arizona community that is gathered at this historic moment.

My name is Flor Crisostomo; I am a Zapotec indigenous woman and one of many undocumented migrants in this country. Since my arrest in 2006, in an immigration workplace raid, I have kept my ongoing commitment, my responsibility and my actions in the struggle for the rights of the undocumented migrant community and our families.

Dear Arizona community, we know that the serious crisis that we are experiencing was caused by a lack of political will of the Senate and House as well as the Presidential false promises. Each day this system aims to exterminate us morally, giving us blow after blow with proposals such as 287-G to become law as it is now the SB-1070. The government of this nation has ignored that this law is about to become a social conflict of major proportions.

We remind the United States government that by allowing the criminalization of our skin color and our physical features, it is also criminalizing a very important part of the economic support of this nation.

The federal government of this nation is aware of the causes that have led to the displacement of entire villages to this country. Therefore, “We migrant peoples and taxpayers that in most cases we have been forced to migrate due to the unequal trade policies imposed by this nation, in our countries of origin.”

We are not here living the American dream.

We ask the international human rights agencies to act. We demand that the Barack Obama administration be tried in international courts because of these inhumane racist laws implemented in this country. These actions violate international laws and agreements.

We support the Ethnic Studies Department in the State of Arizona. We completely reject the eradication of Ethnic Studies in their school agendas which HB-2281 further promotes the genocide of our historical memory. Since the proposal forces the elimination of knowledge of the essences of the students, Mexican-American, Latin American, Asian, Black and more ethnic groups that have strengthened and given international recognition to this country.

We, as displaced indigenous peoples endorsed the broad statements of the indigenous nations of North America in reference to serious injury brought to them due to immigration policies, which is also separating them from their families by creating a wall and militarization of lands that are sacred.

Brothers and sisters, it is with great courage that has united us in this event and on this land where so many people have struggled historically to strengthened and enrich it. These lands are where millions of migrants have been forced to go through in order to give our families a better life.

Many generations have been born, grown and given birth to their families in these lands.

So we should not overlook, that our governments are also responsible for the wave of hatred in which we live today and therefore have to take more concrete actions as far as bilateral policies are concerned.

Currently, we do not have an immigration reform bill that actually meets our dignity and humanity nor any proposal that solves the root cause of this crisis. I invite you to continue the struggle without lowering our guard. We need to work together for a proposal that is built from the ground up, and hold our legislators accountable.

Dear, people I encourage you not to give in to this crisis. I ask you to reinforce our demands without accepting immigration laws containing excessive enforcement practices and continued separation of immigrant families, nor more guest worker programs that will exploit migrants for the benefit of American agribusiness.

But mostly, I encourage you NOT to blindly accept federal lawmakers who claim to be the face of pro-immigrant movement, telling us to blindly accept their proposals as “Security and Prosperity Partnership of America” when the policies continue the militarization of borders and our communities.

We can not allow an immigration proposal that contains excess control, as is the E-verify system that is implemented in our workplace. We cannot tolerate the federal government having a single database of personal information given by each individual who lives, works, and contributes to this nation.

Brothers and sisters, as directly affected, we have to take responsibility in this matter. We can not close our eyes and ears to the reality of our crisis; we can not allow a movement where our greatest values are being negotiated by politicians and “Nonprofit” Organizations safeguarding their personal interest, political agendas and economic interests.

I’ve said it hundreds of times and I reaffirm it now. The dignity of our families is not negotiable. The humanity of our people will not be sold or given to the politicians to profit from it. We are Peoples worthy of respect and recognition. We have principles and values that governments must respect! We are the force that moves all economic, political and social systems in the world!

In short, we have the power and we must use it.

I thank the people of Arizona, for allowing me to reach you, keep on walking without the hatred of a few supremacist leaders to stop us.

We can win; historically we have relied on values passed on by our families that make our communities strong.

As an indigenous woman, I feel a great responsibility to continue to fight for every one of us. I gave my face, my integrity, my liberty and my actions to highlight the word of the oppressed.

I say goodbye to you, stressing and asking once again, that we not allow the cowardice of some politicians and organizations to profit from our pain and continue to meet their personal agendas.

Today, I am what I am because of you and will continue until the end for you, for our dignity and the dignity of our families and generations to come.


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